Bronte Carpets Ltd

Based in the traditional heartland of the woollen textile industry we have been producing high quality, custom made carpets in our Lancashire mill since 1982. We create carpets that are as individual as your home.
We do not flinch on quality and service and you will find that apart from making a statement your Bronte carpet will give you many years of comfort and pleasure.

When it comes to choosing a new carpet for your home we realize that probably the most important factor above all others is colour. Colour is the first thing most people look for when choosing a carpet, that is why we offer our special dye service to match any colour you like.

Now that you have found the perfect colour for your new carpet you don't want to ruin it by having an ugly join running down the length of it. That is why we make our carpets in any width up to an amazing 12 metres wide.

Because the room you are buying your beautiful custom made carpet for might not be a regular square or rectangle. What if the room is an L shape or a T shape?. This is where our made to plan service comes in and we make your carpet to the shape of your room. This cuts down on expensive waste and makes the carpet easier to handle and fit.