Boen Chalet and Chaletino
Boen Chalet and Chaletino
Boen Chalet and Chaletino
Boen Chalet and Chaletino

Boen Chalet and Chaletino

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Chalet and Chaletino from BOEN is parquet flooring made with exceptionally wide and long planks of the finest timber.
Current trends in architecture and interior design are moving towards fewer elements that are larger in size.
People are therefore conscious of choosing parquet in a large format like Chalet and Chaletino.

With its uniquely large dimensions, carefully selected oak timber, and individual adaptation to every room,
BOEN is giving you the opportunity to choose the most exclusive designer floor.

Every Chalet flooring is unique
Chalet is an exclusive oak plank available in various widths and lengths up to four meters.
This creates a very impressive, yet peaceful, and comprehensive spaciousness.

A Chalet floor is designed and adapted to each room by BOEN's own floor designers. This creates optimal solutions and a unique architecture.
When the designers' proposal is approved by the customer, the customized order is set in production. This makes every Chalet floor unique.

Chaletino with fixed widths and lengths
The only thing separating Chaletino from Chalet, is that Chaletino boards have a fixed length of 2.75 meters and a fixed width of 30 centimeters.
This gives a Chaletino floor more of a uniform appearance compared to the random width of a Chalet floor.

To emphasize the generous length and width of these floors, each plank has a micro-bevel edge machined on all four sides.
Trends also indicate that we are more detailed about being natural and that we prefer natural products with unique differences.

The timber used in the planks is taken from oak trees which are almost 200 years old to give these floors the necessary singularity
and quality that we are looking for", says Sales Director of BOEN Norway, Jan Nielsen.

With roots dating back to BOEN's sawmill in Kristiansand, Norway in the 1600s, BOEN has continued the good old craft tradition. BOEN has its own timber specialists who select the right quality of raw materials used for production of Chalet and Chaletino. The oak originates from the Baltic forests and ensures a consistently high quality.
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All surfaces are treated with BOEN's natural oil, Live Natural, to emphasize the floor's natural expression and you can use the floors right away after installation. Oiling flooring also helps accentuate the structure of the wood and makes the floor feels warm and comfortable to walk on.