Penthouse Carpets Shoreline 40 & 50oz

By GFF Flooring

After a long day, your home should be your sanctuary; a place where you relax, rest and soothe a tired mind or body. We think you’ll find that a home fitted with a carpet from the Shoreline range will feel like the ultimate sanctuary. Hardwearing yet beautifully soft, this extra heavy domestic carpet will suit rooms across your home. The blend of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre makes this tufted wool carpet reassuringly comfortable and durable.

It’s important that your home looks beautiful as well as feels comfortable. The Shoreline carpet is available in a choice of 18 exquisite tones inspired by the beauty of Britain’s coastline. Order a couple of samples to see which colour makes your house feel most like a home. Whichever colour you choose, one thing’s for sure – coming home to a house fitted with something from the Penthouse Carpets range will be a true delight.
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