Penthouse Carpets Vantage 50 & 60oz

By GFF Flooring

The thing we love most about this carpet is the incredibly hard-wearing performance paired with almost unparalleled softness; this really is a carpet of reassuring quality. This super heavy domestic carpet is available in two weights – a 50oz and an incredible 60oz weight for superb performance. This high quality tufted wool carpet is crafted with a blend of 80% wool, 10% nylon and 10% polyester. It’s this blend of fibres that helps give the Vantage range of carpets such excellent durability.

As important as softness and durability are, we know you want the perfect colour to finish your home’s look. So take a look at our range of 18 naturally beautiful colours – the subtle shades will complement your home’s décor and give it an extra cosy appeal. Order a sample or two to see how a wool carpet from the Penthouse Carpets Vantage range can take your home into a new dimension.
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